why Sofika

Take a moment. Close your eyes and go back in time – to when you were a child.
A small child that’s starting to discover a world of tastes, smells, textures, colors, sounds and her desires and dreams.
And also, that there are obligations. Obligations that became constant reminders: not to forget anything – to be the best daughter, the best student, the best friend, the best employee, the best cook, the best women and also the best mother.
But hold on a second, maybe you did forget something. You forgot about you.
Who are you, what do you want, were you are, how much you’ve accomplished, the road you went and what lays ahead.
Remind yourself what you want to remember.

Now open your eyes and think about what you want to remind yourself.
Which reminder you want follow you throughout the day.
One that will have value and meaning for you, that will bring a smile to you face, fill you with energy and that will make you see and remember yourself.

what whould you like to remind yourself ?