About Sofika

our family

Hi, I’m michelle 🙂
My husband has always told me about his Grandmother, Sofika.
He does it with so much longing and emotion, that makes me feel like I got to know her.
Sofika had a little cosy jewelry shop which she attended every single day.
Her mission was to give every customer a unique experience, tailored just for her,
one that will excite, help her remember why she chose that specific piece of jewelry and what is it she wanted to remind herself every time she looks at it.
Sofika’s stories stay to this day in the hearts of the family,
her goal to give meaning to everything she did, including the dinners she used to make, the wise stories she used to tell and the heartfelt personal service she gave at her little store, which she loved so much.
That made us realize exactly what we needed to do, keep her vision alive and remind every woman what she wants to be reminded about herself –
just how unique she is, with a little jewel that has great meaning.